Spangler, Spengler

20. George, 1150-1190; Cupbearer to the Bishop of Wurzburg.
19. George, lived at Winsbach 1230; m. Retlinger.

18. Killian, resided at Kutzendorff 1270; m. Margaretha Gaumy.
17. Killian, living in 1302; m. Von Rosenbusch; four sons.
16. Peter, resided at Elbersdorff, near Winsbach; m. Catherine von der Ansach; three sons.
15. Hans, m. twice, 2. Christina Westendorff.
14. Hans Urban, of Donauworth, Franconia; settled in Nuremberg 1476.
13. George, Clerk of the Council of Nuremberg; d. 14C6; m. 1468, Agnes Ulmer, who d. 1505.
12. George, 1480-1529; m. 1516, Juliana Tucherin. He had a famous brother, Lazarus, coadjutor of Martin Luther.
11. Frantz, 1517-1565.
10. Lazarus, 1552-1618; Procurator in Nuremberg; m. 2nd wife 1593 Bertrand Geroldin.
 9.  Hans, b. 1594; exiled during "Thirty Years War" on account of his Protestant faith; settled in Switzerland.
 8.  Jacob, a citizen of Schoftland, Canton Berne, Switzerland.
 7.  Hans Rudolf, b. Switzerland; emigrated to Weyler, near Sinsheim, Rhenish Palatinate; m. 1st in 1678, Judith Haegis, 2nd 1699, Marie Saeger of     Duehren; 13 chd. 5 of whom emigrated to Pa. One settled in Philadelphia, the others in York co.

 6. PETER, 1712-post 1782; b. Weiler, Ger. to Pa. on ship "Samuel" 1740; settled in Tyrone twp. York co. m. 1742, Barbara Zimmermann.
 5. John, b. 1745, York co. owned 150 acres in Bedford co. 1788; m. 1772, Sarah Meyer.
 4. Sarah Ann, b. ca. 1773 York co. with parents to Bedford co. m. 1793, James Harden; moved to Ohio ca. 1820; see Harden 4

All information on ancestors 7 to 20, listed above, came from German cousins to Edward W. Spangler, author of "The Spengler Families."

Variations in the Spengler coat of arms shows how this one family spread over western Europe. Johan, a Palatine army officer, s. of Hans, 15 entered the Netherlands army, and founded the Holland Van Spengler branch; Hans Urban founded the Nuremburg line 14 generations ago; Jacob, number 8, started the Swiss group; and Hans Rudolph was sire of the Weiler "kropf" whose coat of arms was a combination of elements illustrated above. Early Spenglers were Catholics, later ones followers of Luther, and the Weiler group, Evangelicals.


7.  GERHARDT, b. 1694 in Ger. arrived Phila. Dec. 1740, with s., Johan, wife, and dau. on ship "Samuel"; m. 1717 Rosins in Ger. settled in York co. Pa. descendants still there in 1790.

6.  BARBARA, b. 1720 in Ger. to Pa. with parents; m. 1741, Peter Spengler; see Spengler 6


7. JACOB, b. 1696 in Ger. Palatinate; to America on ship "Mercury" 1735; settled in York co. Pa. m. 1726, Barbara, in Ger.
6. HANS JACOB, b. 1727; to Pa. 1735; m. 1747, Margaret Dentzler.
5. Sarah, b. 1749 in York co. Pa. m. 1772, John Spengler of York co. see Spengler 5


7. JACOB, b. 1695 in Ger. Palatinate; came to Pa. in "Mercury" 1735, with wife and several chd., m. Mary in Ger.
6. MARGARET, b. 1731 in Ger. to America with parents, 1735; m. 1747, Hans Jacob Meyer; see
Meyer 6 above.