Mitchel, Mitchell

9. MATTHEW, 1590-1645; of Scotch and English ancestry. b. Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng. Church of England dissenter; very religious; sailed from Bristol with Richard Mather, on ship "James"; arrived Boston on Aug. 7, 1635; had wife, 5 chd. and large amount of supplies; settled at Charlestown, Mass. moved to Concord, and later to Conn., living at Saybrook, Wethersfield, and Stamford; suffered loss from fires and Indians; m. 1616, Susan Butterfield in Eng. d. at Stamford, age 55.

8. DAVID, 1619-1685; b. Halifax, Eng. to America 1635; settled in Stratford, and became large property owner; m. ante 1650, Sarah Wheeler, dau. Moses; 4 sons: Matthew, John, Nathan, and Abraham.

7. Abraham, 1663-1713; b. at Stratford; m. 1685, Sarah Wheeler, a woman with the same name as his mother's, but from a different family; settled in Woodbury, and had chd. Hannah, Nathan, Sarah, Abraham; moved to Windham 1700; engaged in "Meeting House" activities.

6. Abraham, b. ca. 1695, probably at Woodbury; m. 1720, Joanna Taylor of Lebanon, New London co.

5. William, 1735-1816; m. 1764, Sarah Parmelee, dau. Jonathan of Windsor, Conn.

4. Richard, 1770-post 1850; m. ca. 1797, Olive b. in Ireland 1777; moved from Conn, to vicinity of Albany, N. Y. ante 1830; later to town of Summit, Schoharie co. N. Y., where both are known to have lived past the year 1850; chd. include Stephen, John, Harvey, Matilda, Charles N., Joseph, and Joshua; interment is believed to be in old Summit cemetery where s. John and wife, and g-s are buried. In 1967 this cemetery was overgrown, uncared for, and markers scattered, a disgrace to the town.

3. Charles Nathaniel, 1810-1859; to N. Y. with parents; farmer; to Mich. 1837, travelling via Erie canal; to Iowa 1850, settling in Winneshiek co. m. 1834, Elizabeth Row, dau. Frederick; 8 clad. twins who d. in infancy, a son who d. at 2 years, and 5 daughters: Olive Maria, Hannah Matilda, Margaret Lorana, Dona Viola, and Martha Elizabeth. Charley Mitchel was reported by his daughters, as a fine father, and a jolly companion, with the generous, heart-warming Irish traits dominant.

2. Martha Elizabeth, 1848-1932; b. near Lansing, Mich., to Iowa 1850, to Minn. 1874, to Ore. 1882, and to Wash. state 1906; teacher, home maker, postmistress and general merchandise store owner, Elmira, Ore. .many years; mem. Baptist ch., and active in community affairs; m. 1869 .John W. Bollman; 8 chd. Interment in Mountain View Memorial Park, Tacoma, Wash. see Bollman 2,


9. MOSES, 1598-1690; from Eng. to New Haven, Conn. 1638; freeman; received charter from Conn. gen. ct. for ferry on Housatonic river; occupation shipwright; moved to Stratford 1648; m. 1623 Miriam Hawley.

8. SARAH, b. 1628 in Eng. to Stratford Conn. with parents; m. ante 1650, David Mitchel; see Mitchel 8,.


10. John, of Cranfield, Bedfordshire Eng. did not emigrate.

9. GEORGE, 1605-1687; came to New Eng. with brother Thomas, and their families 1635; George settled at Concord, Mass. m. Katharine 1610-1684, in Eng. freeman 1642.

8. John, 1643-1713; b. in Mass., moved to Conn. m. 1663, Sarah Larkin, dau. of Edward.

7. Sarah, b. 1667 in Conn. m. 1685, Abraham Mitchel of Woodbury.


9. EDWARD, b. 1615 in Eng. to Charlestown, Mass. ante 1640; m. 1640, Joanna Hale, dau. of Deacon Robert.

8. Sarah, b. 1643 in Mass. m. 1663, John Wheeler; see 8 above.


10. Deacon ROBERT, d. 1659; Puritan from Eng. to Boston 1630; joined 1st ch. at Charlestown 1632; m. Jane in Eng.

9. JOANNA, 1616-1686; b. in Eng. m. 1640, Edward Larkin; see Larkin, 9 above.


9. RICHARD, 1619-"673; from Eng. on ship "Truelove" 1635; settled at Yarmouth, Mass. m. 1646, Ruth Wheldon, dau. Gabriel.

8. John. 1642-1722; b. at Yarmouth, Mass. m. 1674, Sarah Matthews, dau. of James.

7. Samuel, 1675-1756; moved to Conn. m. Elizabeth.

6. Joanna, b. 1700; m. 1720, Abraham Mitchel; see Mitchel 6


10. GABRIEL, ca. 1600-1654; from Eng. to Yarmouth; town officer 1641-42; moved to Lynn, and later to Malden; m. Margaret in Eng.

9. RUTH, b. in Eng. ca. 1625; to Mass. with parents ca 1635; m. 1646, Richard Taylor; see 9 above.


9. JAMES, ca. 1615-1686; from Eng. to Charlestown, Mass. 1634; to Yarmouth 1639; mem. Yarmouth military comp. 1643; dep. gen. ct. of Plymouth colony 1644; for Yarmouth 1664; name of wife not known.

8. Sarah, b. at Yarmouth 1649; m. 1674, John Taylor; see 8 above.

Parmalee, Parmelee

9. JOHN, ca.1597-1659; from Eng. in "Elizabeth Ann" 1635; settled at Guilford, Conn., signer of Plantation covenant, 1639; m. in Eng., Hannah; m. 2nd, in Conn. Elizabeth Bradley.

8. JOHN, 1620-1689; b. in Eng. drummer, Guilford Trained Band; freeman 1650; m. 3 times, 3rd 1658, Hannah, surname unknown.

7. Joshua, 1661-1726; b. at Guilford; m. 1st, Elsie Edwards, 16701714; m. 2nd, Hannah, widow of farmer.

6. Jonathan, 1701-1772; moved to Hartford co. m. 1728, Sarah Taylor, dau. John of Windsor.

5. Sarah, b. 1740 at Windsor; m. 1764, William Mitchel; see Mitchell 5


10. Rev. Richard, d. in Eng.

9. JOHN, 1620-1685; from Eng, with wife, mother, and stepfather 1639; freeman 1658; mem. Troop of Horse 1658; chimney viewer 1668; m. Ann Munter, dau. of Henry, in Eng. m. 2nd, 1645 Agnes Heane, widow of William Spencer.

8. Richard, 1647-1718; attorney at Hartford, Conn. m, 1667, Elizabeth Tuttle, dau. of William.

7. Elsie, 1672-1714; m. 1690, Joshua Parmelee; see Parmelee 7 

10. Henry "Tuthill" of Tharston co., Norfolk, Eng. d. in Eng.

9. WILLIAM, 1609-1673; in "Planter" to Boston 1635; bought mill on Tower hill, 1635; proprietor of Charlestown, 1636; moved to New Haven, Conn. 1638; fence viewer 1644; in New Haven night watch, and road comm. 1646; part owner of ketch "Zebulon"; prop. of New Haven 1659; constable; m. 1630, Elizabeth, 1612-1684.

8. Elizabeth, b, 1647; m. 1667, Richard Edwards; see 8 above. 


9. JOHN, d. 1647; from Eng. in "Lady Arabella" to Mass. with Gov. Winthrop, 1623; settled at Windsor, Conn. 1639; sailed for Eng. in "Phantom Ship" 1647, and was lost at sea; m. Rhoda, a widow.

8. Thomas, 1642-1736; one of 8 original settlers at Danbury, Conn. rep. grand assembly; m. 1665, Rebecca, dau.of Edward Ketcham.

7. John, 1672-1742; b. at Danbury, moved to Windsor; m. ca. 1694, Elizabeth Spencer, dau. of Obadiah.

6. Sarah, 1711-1798; m. 1728, Jonathan Parmelee; see Parmelee 6.

Ketcham, Catchm

9. EDWARD, 1598-1655; from Wales to Ipswich, Mass. 1635; later to Stratford; Puritan; freeman 1642; m. 1619, Mary Hall, in Wales, m. 2nd, 1640, Sarah, in Mass.

8. Rebecca, b. 1644; m. 1665, Thomas Taylor; see Taylor 8 above.

10. Gerard, of Bedford, Eng., did not emigrate.

9. THOMAS, 1607-1687; from Eng. to Cambridge, Mass. 1633; to Hartford, Conn. 1637; soldier in Pequot war; had land grant; constable; 1637; surveyor 1672; m. Sarah, in Eng., dau. of Nathaniel Bearding.

8. Obadiah, 1640-1712; b. at Hartford, Conn. m. 1665, Mary, dau. of Nicholas Desborough.

7. Elizabeth, b. 1674; m. 1694, John Taylor; see Taylor 7


9. NICHOLAS, from Eng. to Hartford ante 1640; m. 1644, Mary, dau. of John Bronson, of Hartford.

8, Mary, b. 1645; m.1665, Obadiah Spencer; see 8 above.


11. RICHARD, b. in Eng. ca. 1574; to Newton, Mass. with two sons Richard and John, in Rev. Hooker's comp. on the "Griffin" 1623; moved to Hartford, Conn. mem. Hooker's ch. at Chelmsford, Eng. and at Hartford, Conn. name of wife not found.

10. JOHN, 1600-1680; settled at Hartford, 1636; one of the pillars of Hartford ch. at its founding, 1652; in Pequot war, 1637; dep. gen. ct., and constable; m, Mary, in Eng.

9. MARY, b. 1621; m. 1644, Nicholas Desborough; see 9 above.