Harden, Hardin

8. MARK, 1660-1734; Huguenot protestant, b. in France. The Edict of Nantes, promulgated by King Henry IV in 1598, gave French protestants freedom of conscience, the right to hold public worship, and full civil rights. The revocation of the Edict in 1685 took away all civil and religious rights, driving thousands of Protestants into exile, some to other European countries, and many to America. Mark came to Va. in 1706; another of our ancestors driven to the New World by religious persecution; settled at Elk Marsh near Richmond; m. 1685 Mary Hogue in Fr.

7. MARTIN, b. 1688 in France; to Va. 1706; got large land grant Fauquier co. Va. m. 1709; name of wife not known.

6. Henry, 1710-1797; b. Fauquier co. m. Judith Lynch, who migrated from Ireland to Va., sister of Charles Lynch founder of Lynchburg.

5. William, 1741-1810; b. Fauquier co. served in American Revolution; moved to Bedford co. Pa. land owner and tax payer 1790; m. 1767 Sarah Bledsoe; seven, or more chd.

4. James, 1771-post 1840; 200 acre farm Bedford co. 1794; moved to Perry co. Ohio ca. 1820, and later to Seneca co. m. ca. 1793, Sarah Ann Spengler; several sons and daughters.

3. Elizabeth, 1804-1875; b. Bedford co. Pa. with parents to Ohio ca. 1820; m. 1824 William Bollman at Zanesville, Ohio; 9 chd. to Iowa 1855; Interred Minert cemetery near Postville, Ia. see Bollman 3.


8. GEORGE, 1629-1705; from Eng. to Va. 1652; settled in Northumberland co. m. ca. 1650, Anne in Eng., who d. 1691.

7. Abraham, 1684-1753; m. 1705, Katharine, dau. of William Ball; resided in Northumberland co.

6. William, 1705-1770; b. Northumberland co., moved to Spotsylvania co., and became First Sheriff; Capt. in Colonial and Indian wars; will probated 1770; m. 1727, Elizabeth; widow of Charles Stevens, maiden name unknown.

5. Sarah, b. 1742 in Va. m. 1767, William Harden. see 5. above.


9. WILLIAM, 1615-1680; Colonel with Royalist forces against the armies of Cromwell and Parliament, in the battles of Marston Moor, and Naseby, in which the King's men were completely routed; fled to Va. to escape, 1650; settled in Lancaster co., and built "Millenbeck" estate; burgess; m. 1638, Hannah, dau. of Thomas Atherold.

8. WILLIAM, 1641-1694; Eng. to Va. 1650; justice, 1680; burgess, 1685; surveyor for boundaries of Northumberland and Lancaster cos. 1687; Capt. in Indian wars; m. 1673, Margaret, dau. of Rawleigh Downman.

7. Katharine, b. 1685; m. 1705, Abraham Bledsoe; see Bledsoe 7.

10. Thomas, English gentleman; did not come to America.

9. HANNAH, b. in Eng. ca. 1620; m. 1638, Col. William Ball; fled to America to escape Cromwell; see Ball 9, above.


9. RAWLEIGH, b. Eng. ca. 1622; emigrated to Bermuda; to Lancaster co. Va. 1653; built "Moratico" estate: lawyer; m. in Eng.

8. Margaret, 1655-1694; m. 1675, William Ball; see Ball 8, above.