This work is not a complete family genealogy. More cor­rectly, it should be called a listing of ancestors. The search was pursued to find out who my forebears were; to learn what kind of people they were, ladies or shrews, gentlemen or horse thieves; to trace the various lines to their countries of origin; and to provide a record that may be of interest to some of my descendants, and to other relatives.
        This record of ancestors applies in its entirety to all descen­dants of John W. Bollman; in part to all other descendants from William Bollman; and in part to all other descendants of Charles N. Mitchel. Although not complete as a family genealogy, inform­ation is given so that any relative can work out his own branch of the sturdy oak without too much difficulty.
        Sources of information include Bible records; church, state, and city vital statistics, births, marriages, and deaths; cemetery burials; census, and other official micro-film records; and a large number of books. A bibliography of the more important books is included at the end of the work. Public libraries where research was done include: Albany N. Y., Boston, Los Angeles, Philadel­phia, Santa Barbara, and Seattle. Los Angeles Temple, and the Congressional libraries also were used to advantage. I am partic­ularly indebted to my Father and Mother for written statements, given in 1918, telling what they remembered about their families. My thanks to other relatives who were helpful. Apology is offered for all errors due to carelessness; poor, lost, or burned records; or to gremlins, poltergeists, and leprechauns.
         Presented to provide our honorable ancestors with a bit of immortality, for to be remembered is one form of immortality.