Familiar business, state, compass, calendar, and army abbreviations may be used. Also the following will be utilized. CAG— Compendium of American Genealogy

ante—before                 dau.—daughter                  post—after                   

b.—born                       dep.—deputy                      pres.—president           

ca.—(circa) about          gdau.—granddaughter       s.—son

chd.—child, children    gov.—governor                    twp—township

co.—county                   m.—married                       U.—University

ct. —court                     mem—member                   v.—volume

d.—died                        p.—page                              vp. —vice president.

Surnames of ancestors are listed in bold type, and are not repeated. Some of the various spellings of surnames are indicated. Under each surname are "given" names listed in chronological and numerical descending order from earlier to later generations, until a daughter is married, which terminates that surname in this record. Given names of immigrant arrivals in America are in capital letters. No effort was made to trace ancestry in countries of origin, but where known these names are given'

Numbers preceding given names reveal how many generations they are back from my generation. Number one is the writer's generation. A member of any succeeding generation writing up his genealogy by this system of numbering would make himself number one, his parents number two, etc., and would increase figures shown here by one, or more. By this system one can tell at a glance how many generations back to any ancestor. Numbers following given names are years of birth and death. "ca." "ante" or "post" preceding these dates mean exact year is not known, only an approximate year, or an earlier, or later one than given.