Derivation and Meaning of Names

Bollman: derivation uncertain, but of German origin, believed to be from
"bohle" meaning plank, sill, thick board; hence a plank maker.

Harden, Hardin: a man of the forest; a dweller in the Forest of Arden in
Eng., or the Ardennes in France and Belgium; also from the Celtic word "ardu", dark or obscure; also from "ar-deen", "among oaks"

Spengler: a worker in metals, lead, copper, iron; also a tinsmith.

Zimmermann: a worker in wood; a carpenter, a cabinet maker.

Mitchel; from Saxon muchel, big; also from Hebrew Michael, Godlike.

Pierce: Hebrew, from Peter, the rock.

Root: the happy cheerful man.

Row: English, one who lived by the hedge-row, or in rough country.

Spencer: old French, a dispenser of provisions, a storekeeper.

Taylor: Eng.. occupational name, maker of outer clothing.

Turner:                      ditto           a turner, or a lathe worker.

Wheeler:                    ditto           maker of wheels, or of wheeled vehicles.

Tuttle: one who lived on "toot-hill" having a good view.

Hoffman: Teutonic, a man from the Court.

Meyer: Teutonic, a steward.

Edwards: a guardian, or defender of property.

Ellis: Eng. derivative from Elijah and Elisha.

Haynes: Cymric, he who helps himself.

Matthews: Hebrew, from Matthew, a gift of Jehovah.