A partial list of genealogy sources used in the preceding text

Compendium of American Genealogy, Vols. 1 to 7. F. A. Virkus.
D. A. R. Lineage books. Vols. 1 to 160.
New Eng. Hist. & Genealogical Register.
Journal of American Historical Society.
Official Vital Statistics for Boston, Plymouth, Nantucket, and Ipswich Mass. for the colonial period.
Official R. I. Vital Statistics & Records, 14 volumes
Marriage Licenses Issued by the Secretary of N. Y. previous to 1784. by G. T. Tucker.
Register of births, N. Y. state, 1663-1772, by Meyers

Pennsylvania records:
Pa. Archives, 3rd Series, Vols. 11 to 25.
Pa. Archives, 5th Series, Vols. 2 to 7.
I. D. Rupp, 30,000 Names of Immigrants.
Ralph Strassburger, Pa. German Pioneers, Vols. 1, 2, 3
Pa. Marriages prior to 1790. Baltimore Gen. Pub. Co.
Bedford co. Records: vital statistics, deeds, wills, etc.
Berks co. Records:                 ditto
Lancaster co. Records:           ditto
John Cuthbertson, Lancaster co. vital statistics, 1718-1791.
Register of births, 1729-1850, Lancaster co.
Alex Harris, Biographical History of Lancaster co.
Washington co. Pa. vital records, marriages, etc.
York co. Pa. records: deeds, wills, vital statistics.
Charles A. Fisher, Early Central Pa. Lineages.
                             Early Central Pa. Marriages.
                             Early Pa. Births.

Edward W. Spangler, The Spengler Families.
Zane Grey, Betty Zane, Pennsylvania Life, 1780-1800.
United States Census records for Pa. 1790-1830.

Connecticut vital statistics by counties:
Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Tolland, and Windham.

Vital statistics by cities:
Register of births, Hartford, New Haven, Norwich, and Woodstock.
William Cothern, vital records for Roxbury, Southbury, Stratford.
L. Van Alstyne,           ditto           Sharon.
E. B. Huntington,       ditto           Stamford, 1641-1825.
K. Pritchard,               ditto           Waterbury.
M. Sawyer,                  ditto           Newtown, 1704-1850.
S. Orcutt,                    ditto           Stratford, 2 Vols.
C. C. Woodruff,           ditto           Litchfield, 1720-1920.

E. S. White, Fairfield Unpublished Records, 3 Vols.
Conn. Colony, Official Colonial Records.

Conn. Hist. Society Reports, Fairfield, 5 Vols.
           Hist. Society Reports, Windsor, Woodstock.

Trumbull, Memorial Hist. of Hartford co. 2 vols.

H. R. Stiles, Hist. of Ancient Woodbury, 2 vols
                    Hist. of Wethersfield, 2 vols.

William Cothern, Hist. of Ancient Woodbury, Vols. 1, 2.
C. M. Sedgwig, Gen. Hist. of Sharon, Conn.
Bailey, Early Conn. Marriages Prior to 1800.
S. Peters, Gen. Hist. of Conn.
                Conn. Colonial Laws & Statues.

Church and Cemetery Records:
Woodbury ch. records of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths.
Windham 1st ch. vital records, 1700-1851.
L. Van Alstyne, Sharon Burying Grounds.
Bishop, Woodbury Cemetery Inscriptions.
Windsor Cemetery Inscriptions.
Waterbury, D. A. R. List of Persons Interred.
Westbury, D. A. R., Old Burying grounds.

Meynen, Emil, German Settlements in Colonial America.
Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Record of Indentures of Individuals Bound Out as Apprentices.
Pa. Genealogical Soc., Pa. Family Records.
Pa. Biographical Review, Bedford and Somerset cos.
Your Family Tree, Bedford co. Early Settlers.
Your Family Tree, Bedford co. Marriages, 1787-1855.
Colonial Albany N. Y. Marriages.
Albany N. Y. Dutch Reformed ch. of the Boght, Records.
Tree Talks, Albany, N. Y. Marriages; Watervliet, N. Y. Marriages.
Tree Talks, Schoharie co. Obituaries.
N. Y. Genealogical and Biog. Register, Vital Statistics.
Simms, Jeptha, History of Schoharie co- N. Y.
Nolan, James, Foundations of the Town of Reading, Pa.
Haynes, William, Stonington, Conn. Chronology, 1649-1949.
Hoffman, Walter, Genealogical Succession of the Hoffman Family.
Pierce, Frederick, Pierce Genealogy.
Journal of the American-Irish Historical Soc., Irish in the U. S.
Woulfe, Patrick, Irish Names and Surnames.
U. S. Census Records: Conn., 1790-1830; Mass. 1790-1810; N. Y. 1790-1860; Ohio, 1820-1850; Rhode Island, 1790-1810.

Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors was entirely hand set, most of it in 8 and 10 point Century Schoolbook type, with surnames in 12 pt. Cheltenham Bold, and 8 point Century Bold. It was printed on a very old foot-powered Jewel, by the writer, in "Ye Olde Print Shoppe" that he owns, and operates now and then for love, but never for profit.

This printing is limited to 100 copies, none for sale.